Gamer Girl Cam Models

I was on Twitch for literally a week, and I didn’t have much luck there, but there are cam girls who have used it to build a massive fan following. Gamer girls can be quite popular in the camming business, and often times, all they have to do to get tipped big is to just sit there on cam and play games. I’ve seen cam girls playing League of Legends who made thousands of tokens in tips over the course of just an hour.


If you’re into gaming, you might give Twitch a try and see if you can attract a following of fans. If you can, you should be able to bring them over to MFC or Chaturbate, where you can make money off them as they tip. Playing games on cam is really popular right now, and it’s probably the best way for any model who isn’t runway-model-gorgeous to make money in non-nude camming.

Now, this takes a bit of time to get off the ground, for most cam girls. Like I said, you really need a following on social media that you can drag over to the cam site with you. Twitch can be helpful, but so can some of the new live streaming apps like Periscope and Facebook live. The neat thing about non-nude camming is that you don’t have to worry about getting your social media accounts deleted for posting sexy or nude content.

When I use Periscope, I usually set my tablet up on a tripod and wear something skimpy when I play games. I might wear a tight pair of shorts, or yoga pants, or something like that. A tight top will always help, but make sure that nothing naughty is visible. Even a nipple slip can get your account banned on Periscope.

Snapchat can also be a great way to build a social media gamer following, but you’ll need to do takeovers for large gamer accounts. When you do, you’ll be able to promote your free Snapchat and build it up. After a while, you’ll have more than enough fans there to launch a sweet non-nude gamer girl camming career that could pull in some major tokens for you.


Cam Sites With The Most Big Spenders

When you’re first starting out and trying to learn how to be a cam girl properly, you’re not going to know much about cam sites and how they differ in various ways. It is important, though, to know which sites have best quality viewer audiences, so that you can decide where to concentrate your camming efforts. Big spenders tend to like certain cam sites, so hitting those particular sites can help you make more money.

MyFreeCams has been around since around 2006, and it quickly became the destination for freeloaders who wanted to watch cam girls, but were not willing or able to spend much money. MFC was obviously the place to go for free eye candy, but it also became a hot spot for wealthy big spender types who loved tipping pretty cam girls massively. Some of the hugest tips I’ve ever seen have happened on MyFreeCams. These days, a lot of the big spenders have fled to Chaturbate, which is basically becoming the dominant free cam site, but there are still quite a few that call MFC home.

Chaturbate has gotten so huge, traffic-wise, that most cam girls there are pretty happy with the number of big tippers on the site. It’s at least as good as MFC is, when it comes to big spending whales. The problem is that you usually have to get a large room count to attract the big tippers on Chaturbate, and that can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

When I first became a cam girl a few years ago, I started at, and I was actually quite pleased with the viewers there. Some members will tip you big, but it’s more a site for steady tips, rather than huge ones. Cam girls there tend to get fairly decent tips regularly, rather than massive tip bombs all at once. Also, private shows are far more common at, and tip shows as well. It’s a good site to cam on if you like “one-on-one” activity.

So, basically, big spenders can be found on all the major cam sites, but huge tips tend to happen more on MFC and Chaturbate then most anywhere else. If your camming strategy is more private show based, you might want to concentrate on sites like Naked. com.

Crazy Cam Girls of Chaturbate

I’ve been camming at Chaturbate for like 3 years now, and I’ve been an avid cam girl watcher for all that time, and even way before I ever started as a cam model myself. I’ve seen so much crazy stuff go down on cam than you can possibly imagine, and I’m going to share some of the whackiest stuff in this post. Being crazy when you broadcast on Chaturbate can really help get you noticed and boost your room count, so maybe you can get some ideas from this.

When I first discovered Chaturbate, I got roped into this really pretty cam girl’s chatroom. Initially, it appeared that she was the typical “girl next door,” but it turned out she had a super edgy fetish that made her a definite standout. This girl loved eating whipped cream off her toes! Yeah, and she loved to do it on cam for tips. I remember that she was one of the biggest foot fetish draws on the entire cam site, and she made a bunch of money doing that.

I also loved to visit the room of a sexy cam girl and cam guy duo who loved to do hardcore spanking shows. The guy would really slam her buttcheeks with his paddles, and her bum would always turn bright red and get welted. After he spanked her seriously hard, he would pour chocolate syrup all over her cheeks and eat it all off. Their room was usually one of the most popular on Chaturbate when they were broadcasting, but they weren’t active for long. Don’t know if they decided to quit, or if Chaturbate was too prudish to tolerate their kink.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a cam girl who was only active on the cam site for about a week, but who made a serious impression that makes her extremely memorable. She had a pair of the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen, and her thing was that she loved tieing them up like really tight. She had a rope that she would use to tie them, and they would get really red and everything. I think they call this fetish “shibari” or something like that. It’s Japanese rope kink.

Anyway, she was getting a lot of attention on the site already because of her massive breasts, but when she would tie them up like that, her room count would often go north of 1,000 viewers. I couldn’t believe how many people she would draw by simply getting that rope out. LOL

There are a lot of crazy things cam girls can do to get more attention when they cam, and it’s important because you can’t make good tokens until you’ve got a decent sized audience watching you!

Welcome to my Cam Girl Blog

Cam Girl Blog

I love giving other girls advice, so I figured I’d start a blog giving new camgirls advice on how to make great money in the camming world. I’ve been a cam girl for like 3 years, and I absolutely love every aspect of it. It’s made me more confident, allowed me to “come out of my shell,” and it’s really improved my financial situation like you wouldn’t believe.

Being a cam girl is probably the best thing in my life, right now, so I want to help other webcam models who might be starting out and don’t know exactly what to do. It can be intimidating, at first, because it takes a while to start making real money. Follow my blog and let me help you get there faster!